Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Polar bear

charcoal and pastel on tinted canson  42 x 30

This little sketch started out as just a quick idea where I
wanted to use a minimum amount of color to describe the
image. I was quite pleased with the result. I guess
sometimes a quick sketch like this can have valuable lessons.

Thanks for looking :)

A little bit of life drawing..

Red and white chalk on tinted canson  30 x 25 

Red and white chalk on tinted canson  30 x 25 

Some more life drawing at the fourth floor studios.
This time I am using red chalk. I have used red line
before but not frequently but when placed on tinted paper 
with white pastel highlights it can be very effective.

thanks for looking :)

Big cat

Chalk Pastel and Charcoal on canson 42 x 30

Some while back, until about ten years or so, I used to use only chalk pastels. 
I worked in this medium and nothing else for quite a long time
and then one day abandoned it, hardly ever touching it again. 
In the last few weeks I have been coming back to this medium.
Maybe everything works in a cycle and here I am again, back where
I started. Hopefully with a better and more thorough understanding 
of what makes a good design and how colors can work.
I must admit, it was nice to be back on familiar ground.

thanks for looking :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Out of its element

Colored chalk on canson 42x30 cm

Today I thought I might try my hand again at chalk pastels. Its been a while, 
but some time back, for ten years or so I used nothing else but dry media.
It was good to feel the chalks in my hand again and it came easy.
I have neglected them for too long in favor of the more forgiving oils.
Perhaps I will do more in the future.

Thanks for looking :)
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