Friday, July 25, 2014

Churchyard Cat

Graphite on 150lb press 30cm x 20cm

 Every so often I get lucky enough to travel around the countryside with an 
art group that go by the name of Sceitse exploring different locations 
and their aspects of interest. This last trip was to the lovely seaside town of Youghal.
Always lots to draw on these trips, but what really caught my eye that day was this 
friendly cat happy to pose in the church yard. Unfortunately he wouldnt pose for long 
enough. But I was able to get quite a bit of camera reference from him and work this
little piece up in the studio later.

Thanks for looking :)

A pastel sketch from the island..

Pastel on tinted canson 30cm x 20cm

Another impression from the island of Illauntannig, the island itself is surrounded 
by quite a bit of rock, having only one short beach where a boat can be landed.
Rockpools of course are an endless source of sketch material.

Thanks for looking  :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Island impressions.. abandoned

Pastel on tinted canson 28cm x 20cm

Another island impression, this one in pastel painted inside an old outbuilding there while standing in out of the wind. The old gas cooker left to decay still sitting under the remains of a huge fireplace.
It made for a nice study and very different from what I would usually attempt.

Thanks for looking :)

Shoreline impression.

Oil on Foamex 25cm x 20cm

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time on an Atlantic island called Illauntannig
off the coast of Kerry. Four days were spent in the company of 12 other artists on this otherwise deserted outcrop of sand and rock drawing, painting and generally enjoying the beauty 
of it's bleakness.The work above is an impression of the waves as 
they break on its western shore.

Thanks for looking :)
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