Friday, September 26, 2014

Some more sketches from the ruined mill

Returning today I had once again a chance to study some different areas around the ruin..
The first being another roofless building deeper into the trees

 Charcoal and white chalk on canson 40 x 30cm

Charcoal and white chalk on canson 40 x 30cm

The second was a study of one of the now overgrown canals 
used to manage the waters for powering the mill system.. it was 
really enjoyable and quite peaceful.. I must return with oil 
paints as the weather gets cooler.

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Drawing of part of the old "Gunpowder Mills" ruin

Hi, I've been missing for a bit from the blog but I just thought I might post this and try to keep it a bit more regular in future..

Graphite on 120lb press 90cm x 60cm

This is a sketch of one of the remaining blast walls from the old gunpowder 
mills in Ballincollig Cork. I have the opportunity to visit it over three
 days ending tomorrow. It was an extremely fun piece of ruin to sketch the way the little figure on the bottom left is not me but someone 
else engaged in a similiar pursuit.

Thanks for looking :)
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