Friday, April 6, 2012

Oil painting of a coastal view

oil on masonite 24cm x 27cm.

This is a view of Fennell's bay from the beach at Myrtleville. This
is my second time working with masonite, this time after prepping it 
I used the smooth side. To prepare the masonite I first coated it with two generous coats of 
gesso, when they were dry I gave it an acrylic undercoat and when that dried I coated it with a 
cold pressed linseed oil. The smooth surface was really nice to work with, but if you are trying 
this, personally, I would recommend soft brushes as the pig bristles leave too many scratch 
marks for comfort.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Just stopping by to say hi and that I am a big fan of your art!

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Eva as I am also a fan of yours, so glad you took the time to visit, thankyou :)

  2. I'm running out of adjectives.... your clouds and cliffs in the background remind me of Paul Henry.

  3. Lovely beach scene. I used to use masonite or MDF all the time and gessoed it myself. It is very durable but last time I didn't care for the lack of give.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, yes I understand what you mean, canvas would be more familar to me too but its always good to experiment :)

  4. Love the painting of fennells bay.


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