Monday, September 16, 2013

Quick scribble of a woodland scene

Ink sketch of a woodland scene by kevin gough

ballpoint pen on cartridge  30 x 20cm
 Here's another quick sketch done with ballpoint pen at the cork sketch group
Drink & Draw event. I heard someone say recently that the ballpoint pen is the 
pencil of the 21st century.. I guess that could be true really as even the cheapest
mass produced pen can still offer up a satisfactory drawing result. I find for speed
and tone and a fine line, a ball point pen can be second to none when you are in a
hurry. I also like to use sandpaper with these scribbles, drawing the ink across the 
page in a semblance of a wash, making for a nice finish. Of course with the pen, 
there's no turning back, once you put down that line it's there to stay, but I like to 
think that's an advantage to as it forces you to make better decisions knowing in 
advance that you will not be able to undo any strokes. I have been using ballpoint
pens now for many years and I find that each time I return to graphite or oil pitt I
 do less corrections as a result of using this medium.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. I love your drawings. Precise, confident, elegant and melting beautiful. And textured with stories.

    1. Thank you Pyrrwite, that's extremely kind of you to say and I am very glad you are enjoying them :)


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