Friday, December 13, 2013

Two trees Gougane Barra

oil painting by kevin gough

oil on canvas  36 x 26 cm

I wanted to do a painting of Gougane Barra that might describe 
the wildness of the place so I followed the stream that eventually
becomes the Lee river up in to the wooded hills until I found an 
area which I felt had just the right look to it.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Had another look at this Kevin, so beautiful and came to your blog to find out more :)

    1. Thanks very much Norah, glad you liked it so much, I was not sure it was going to work out as I have reduced myself to just five colors. But it seem's, if nothing else, to ensure a little harmony in the work :) Very kind of you to visit.


Oh wow ! a comment, I just love comments :) thanks very much.

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