Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Study of a Velazquez self portrait in ballpoint pen, sandpaper & Bleach

Drawing of Valasquez by kevin gough

Ballpoint pen, sandpaper & bleach on recycled card  30 x 20cm

Here is a study from a self portrait by Velazquez. For this piece I first scribbled
out the main portrait with my ink pen, I then sanded the whole piece with a medium grade
emery cloth and used a hard eraser to knock back the lighter tones. After some adjustments
with the pen I then proceded to brush with household bleach the areas where I wanted to get 
the highlights. It's a messy approach but I thought it would be worth a try and for the materials
I used it seemed to come out ok. The whole work is done on a piece of recycled white card used
for packaging which I found much easier to sand than the normal A4 cartridge sheets I use from
time to time. Of course this is not the first piece of artwork I have created from mediums which
are all  destined to become rubbish :)

Thanks for looking :)


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