Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pencil study of Caravaggio's "Death of the Virgin"

My latest  Caravaggio study is taken from," The Death of The Virgin".
Right now I'm thinking the art of drawing is mostly about making a series of mistakes that are adjusted to eventually form a complete picture. You lay your marks on the page and leave them for a while until you need to adjust them, then you correct them with new marks and continue again until you need to adjust them again, on and on, mark adjust, mark adjust, until eventually the picture begins to emerge... It seems that no matter how bad it is in the beginning its still possible to drive the work towards where you want it to go by being willing to accept each mistake and rectify it..
This is good I think, because even a pencil mangler like me can hope to improve if all my drawings can be the result of corrected mistakes.


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