Friday, January 25, 2013

Mixing the real with the virtual.

Recently I have been working on a process to produce illustrations which are more 
computer friendly. I need to produce some work that can be easily manipulated in the 
virtual world and that does not carry the same difficulties when transferring from real to 
digital. I am more used though, to producing my artwork through traditional mediums,
most likely because I began producing artwork in a pre computer age. For my post here I 
am using as a model, Titians portrait of Doge Andrea Gritti. 
All apologies in advance to the great master.

My first step is to rely on what I know and just draw a quick sketch of the painting. 
I am not really worried about the level of accuracy here as much of the original sketch 
will disappear later in the process. So I am just producing a very fast drawing with a 
disposable  ink pen on recycled paper.
This will provide me with a skeleton upon which I can hang my body of color.

After taking a photo of the sketch I import it into an ipad and with an application called 
"Brushes" and a stylus called a "Nomad" brush I go to work with some color.

While I am painting I try to use as many transparent brush strokes as possible so that
the underlying scribble is still visible in some areas... it's just personal preference. 
I am reasonably pleased with the finished result considering it was done with just
a disposable pen, recycled paper, an old camera and an app that cost me less than $4.

The resulting digital piece could be finished ad infinitem but for now I will
leave it as it is. 


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