Monday, October 1, 2012

Painting at the Walton Court Oysterhaven

Yesterday Sunday 30th, I met with my painting friends for our monthly paintout, as usual it rained down cats and dogs.The group met in Walton Court Manor . A very beautiful building owned and restored by Paul and Janis Rafferty. Paul suggested due to the rain that we come inside to paint. He showed us some of what truly is an amazing building and told us to paint wherever we liked inside the manor. A very generous act which I am very grateful for. We set up our easels in various parts of the house and began painting our subjects warm and dry out of the rain. Softest outdoor paintout I was ever on. Thank you Paul :)

Above is my version of the main stairs which Paul explained had to be totally rebuilt 
as the original had completly decayed. 

Thanks for looking :)


  1. This is lovely. Must be a beautiful home. Love your post on the portrait of Lawrence too.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, it was a very beautiful place, I must go back some time and paint some more.


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