Sunday, August 12, 2012

Study of detail from a painting by Ilya Repin

20cm x 30cm Pencil on 150gm cartridge

This is a pencil study of detail from, "Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death," 
by Ilya Repin. I mostly used Derwent pencils 9H, 6H and B for this, with a layer of oil pitt over it.
The paper I used was Daler Rowney cartridge pad which has a nice weave, it becomes quite noticable after working on it for a while with the lighter harder pencils, placing the marks and removing them in a continual process to build up texture. 
When I am trying to create the effect of material, such as St Nicolas cloak I use the lighter pencils which are much harder, to indent the paper with a pattern which suggests material, I then wipe this with a putty rubber, the surface of the paper which has not been marked is now raised very slightly above the rest. I continue this over and over, marking and wiping and gradually the paper changes to actually having a roughened texture. Once I am at that point I begin work on it with softer darker leads and it becomes quite easy to give the impression of cloth.

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