Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pencil study of detail from Rembrandt's, "woman at an open door"

 kevin gough

Done using 7H, 5H and 7B Derwent  pencils and an oil pitt pencil.
This was done on my trip to Galway with my drawing friends to visit the drawing group there. It was done as a study from a Rembrant book I was lucky enough to find in the Charlie Byrne Bookshop  on the day. An absolutely great bookshop with the nicest staff ever, if you ever visit Galway city, then a visit to this bookshop is well worth it.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Lovely drawiing Kevin. It's got a feel of Rembrandt about it. Where did you find the reproduction to work from?

  2. Thanks Rob, I recently came across a quite a large weighty tome on Rembrandt on my trip to Galway to meet a drawing group there. In fact it was in Galway I did the work, the book contains a large collection of paintings and drawings from the master painter and is compiled by Christopher brown, Jan Kelch and Pieter van Thiel. The works contained within are very large and of a high quality, just perfect for study :)


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