Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pencil study of a tree

kevin gough

A study from a photo I took from a public walking area near where I live, the weather being what it is at the moment, sketching outdoors would be impossible so I have to resort to working from photographs. I find the best way to work from photos is to not copy every meticulous detail as that would result in a very static work. Instead I try to focus on the general shape and value of the image, which is exactly what I would do if I were sketching outside anyway. The sketch was completed using  2H and 6B minen leads and a 9H derwent.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Your drawings are really good Kevin but I really like this one. Very nice!

    1. Why thank you Stephanie, its really kind of you to comment :)


Oh wow ! a comment, I just love comments :) thanks very much.

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